Expression of interest : Status of CRPD Implementation

Situation Analysis of the Current Status of CRPD Implementation for Underrepresented Disability Group.

Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Consultancy Support

KOSHISH, National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFDN) and Shovalaya Inclusion Society – Nepal (SISN) consortium partners have been implementing the project  “Accelerating Implementation of convention on the rights of person with disabilities (CRPD) and Promoting Psychosocial Well-being in Nepal in seven province for the situational analysis to identify the implementation status of CRPD in relation with rights of underrepresented disability groups (Autism, Intellectual disabilities, psychosocial disabilities, deaf-blind ) especially inter-sectionalist issues specially women, children, Dalit and indigenous in Nepal , develop a road map / way forward to accelerate the complete harmonization and implementation of CRPD for underrepresented disability groups by developing training manuals on CRPD and facilitate orientation on CRPD to member of parliaments, bureaucrats, Organization of People with Disabilities (OPDs) and Civil Society Organization (CSOs), broadcast radio program to sensitize on legal barriers faced by underrepresented disability groups and promotion of supported decision making, provide peer counseling . This consortium based project has been funded by Disabilities Rights Advocacy Fund (DRAF) where KOSHISH, NFDN and SISN are consortium partners and KOSHISH is led partner.

As the part of the activities, the project is seeking for a consultancy service from qualified individual or firm to conduct a situational analysis to know the current status of the person with psychosocial disabilities and underrepresented disability groups of seven provinces through the Key Informants Interview (KII), Focused group discussion (FGD) and data collection.

Interested, experienced and qualified individual or firms of same field are requested to submit an application with detail methodology, technical proposal and estimated budget along with the following documents hardcopy or through email by 28th of April 2022 in the given address.

Expected Qualification of Consultant:

  • Consultant will have at least Master’s degree sociology, management, \law/ psychology of social science or relevant field.
  • Experience of qualitative and quantitative research, data collection, M&E and data analysis. Good understanding in disability issues, psychosocial disability, underrepresented disability group, diversity of disability and its different dynamic.
  • Good knowledge and information on the disability specific national and international laws, regulations and commitment on disability rights.
  • Experience of disability specific research and study.
  • Good knowledge on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), and experience of related works such as monitoring, training, orientation, article writing and so on.
  • Knowledge on CRPD reporting process and general comments of CRPD committee.

Expected Skills of Consultant

  • Good communicating skill with disability groups and high level government stakeholders.
  • Good skills on designing research tools and good command in report writing in English and Nepali.
  • Good computer skills on handling basic office packages, internet, email and searching engines.
  • Good qualitative and quantitative data analysis skills
  • Proven experience in training manual development and facilitation is highly preferred.

Tasks to be performed by the consultant

  • Develop research tools and methodology to identify the status of underrepresented disability group.
  • Support the project team to select the data collectors
  • Collect the data and information on the current status of underrepresented disability groups using the agreed tools from provinces.
  • Conduct individual interviews, Focused Group Discussion (FGD) and Key Informants Interview (KII) with selected respondents and stakeholders.
  • Review the existing literature, reports, articles and publication on disability or underrepresented disability group.
  • Review the legal frameworks related to disability from CRPD perspective.
  • Prepare an analytical report on the status of underrepresented disability groups in Nepali Language.
  • Present the report among stakeholders and collect feedback.
  • Incorporate feedback, finalize the report and submit to NFDN and Project Steering Committee.

Required Documents from Individuals or Firms;

Required documents from Individuals:

  • Cover Letter
  • Financial proposal
  • Technical proposal with methodological design of work including work plan, and quality assurance mechanism.
  • The proposal should have annexed updated bio-data of the assignment team member/s.
  • VAT Registration Certificate, compulsory.

Required documents from Firms; 

  • Cover Letter in letterhead.
  • Company’s profile including its working experience in the relevant field
  • Financial proposal
  • Technical proposal with methodological design of work including work plan, and quality assurance mechanism
  • The document should have annexed bio-data of the assignment team member/s.
  • Firm Registration & latest renewal certificate
  • Copy of VAT Registration Certificate
  • Latest Tax clearance certificate

How to submit

Interested individuals and firms can submit their proposal with all required documents mentioned above in the following address.

with cc to

Deadline for submission: 27th April 2022

Office Address

Head office: Vrikutimandap, Kathmandu, Phone: 014231159
Project office: Ratopul , Kathmandu
Phone Number: 014487341