Organization Structure of NFDN

National Federation of Disabled Nepal has two structures in its organizational diagram- Political Structure and Administrative Structure.

1. Political Structure

Central Board Members

The 7th General Assembly of National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFDN) organized on 26th and 27th December, 2015 in Pokhara, Kaski has elected 37 board members for the organization. These new board members will serve as elected officials in various positions of NFDN for next three years.

Out of 37 members, 6 are key posts (President, Senior Vice President, Vice President (Female), General Secretary, Secretary, Treasurer), 3 are members of discipline committee and 28 are central members from different disability categories as well as regions.

In addition to these 37 members, additional 5 people will be nominated as central board members. All together there will be 42 members on the NFDN new board.

Current Board Members

Provincial Committees

There are seven provincial committees of NFDN in all seven provinces of Nepal. Please click on the respective link below to know more about and view the names of board members of those provincial committees.

District Chapter Committees

There are 8 different district chapter committees of National Federation of the Disabled, Nepal.

More about district chapter committees

2. Administrative Structure

The administrative structure comprises of staff members. The chief of staff is Administrative Manager. The number of staff members depends on the activities and projects that are ongoing with NFDN.

Current staff members of NFDN.

Constitution of NFDN

National Federation of Disabled Nepal (NFDN) is guided by its constitution (bylaws) as organization.

You can download the constitution of NFDN from our Organizational Documents and Reports Page.