Karnali Pradesh

Office Address: Karnali Province, Surkhet, Birendranagar 07, Itram Bhanu Tole, House no 22-00-10-11

Office Tel/Fax: 083-52298              Office Email: karnali@nfdn@gmail.com

Focal person: Bishnu Prasad Sharma

Email: presidentkarnali@nfdn.org.np , bishnu28236@gmail.com

Contact: 9858028236

NFDN office-karnali Province held its General Assembly on 2075/06/19 where it elected the following current board members:

Executive Committee:

President: Bishnu Prasad Sharma          Physical Disability    Male

Vice President: Lila oli                           Physical Disability   Female

Secretary: yagya Prasad Devkota   Representing Parents of Intellectual Disabled Persons   Male

Sub-Secretary: Yagya Bahadur Karki   Hearing Disability (Deaf) Male

Treasurer: Suresh Kumar Khadka   Visually Impaired (Blind)      Male


Tulsi Budha Female Physical Disability
Kopila Shahi Female Physical Disability
Lalmaya Kunwar Female Physical Disability
Rupa Khadka Female Physical Disability
Jhakka Prasad Pokharel Male Speech Problem Disability
Yam Bahadur Basnet Male Physical Disability
Maya Prasad Jaisi Male Visually Impaired (Blind)
Tek bahadur war kami Male Visually Impaired (Blind)
Laxmi Kumari Rokaya Female Physical Disability
Narayan Bastola Male Visually Impaired (Low vision)
Rup Bahadur Budha Male Physical Disability
Ganesh Bahadur K.C. Male Physical Disability  (Advisor)

Staff information:

Total staff: 5   Male: 1   Female: 3

People with disability: 2   People without disability: 2

Programme Coordinator: Vacant

Project Coordinator:

Advocacy Coordinator: Jitlal Dhakal

Programme Officer:

Province Project Officer: Nabina Giri

Advocacy Officer:

Finance Officer:

Programme Assistant: Manamaya Thapa

Province Project Assistant: Hima Kumari Thapa

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