Checklist for Accessibility Audit

The book cover of checklist for accessibility auditBarrier free environment is inevitable to all for independence, convenience and safety. It must be accessible to fulfill needs of those people equally including persons with various types of disabilities. Having this matter into the high consideration, this checklist is developed in assessing the various infrastructures and other services. The checklist has been prepared through the several formal/informal consultation meetings with various stakeholders such as KMC, DPOs alliance, resource pool (a group of technical persons), CBM, NCO and others. The checklist can widely be used by different stakeholders and individuals in their own.


Produced by :National Federation of Disabled- Nepal (NFDN)

Partnership : CBM

Collaboration : Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC)

Technical Cooperation : Square Unit Pvt. Ltd.


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First Edition: December 2018
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