Press Release: The legislative parliament passes the Disability Rights Act

The legislative parliament has passed the Disability Rights Bill, submitted by honorable Asha Koirala, Minister, Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare on 6th August 2017 in Kathmandu. This act, formulated in the leadership of the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare and in close cooperation with the National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFDN) through a long process of consultations with DPOs, disability related services providers, other disability rights organizations and relevant government agencies, was in very high demand of persons with disabilities for a long time. The purpose behind the formulation of this act was amendment of Disabled Protection and Welfare act 1982, stepping ahead for the domestication of UNCRPD and incorporating the disability related provision ensured by the constitution of Nepal 2072. This act has also aims to contribute to the implementation of UNCRPD and disability related constitutional provisions to uplift life of Nepalese persons with disabilities.

The access of persons with disabilities to basic services, human rights, opportunities including health, education and employment are expected to increase in an equal basis significantly with the effective implementation of this act.

This act has the following key features

  • It is guided by the rights based approach.
  • It is formulated in line with the UNCRPD and the disability related provisions endured in the constitution of Nepal.
  • The classification of disability has been amended.
  • It prohibits all kinds of discriminations on the basis of disability with the provision of actions and punishment against it.
  • It has provision of equal access to education, health, employment, public physical infrastructure, transportation and information & communication service.
  • It is developed in accordance to the federation system.


NFDN would like to express its deep gratitude to the Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare and the honorable minister for leading all formulation and submission process of this act and also special thanks to the secretariat of legislative parliament for giving priority to this act in the parliamentary process.

We are always thankful to all our partners particularly DPOD-Denmark, My Rights and FFO-Norway for supporting financially to run the various consultations and interactions during the time of formulation. Our special thanks goes to all our member DPOs, sister concerns of political parties, organizations working on disability rights, all civil society organizations and media for their support, effort and contribution to build strong solidarity and power for the advocacy in the favor of this act.

We expect the same energy, support, solidarity and contributions from all of you in future for effective implementation of this law.


Thank you

Mr. Raju Basnet
General Secretary

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