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Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic and Lockdown On Persons with Disabilities A Rapid Assessment Report

IMPACT OF COVID-19 PANDEMIC AND LOCKDOWN On Persons with Disabilities A Rapid Assessment Report
The National Federation of Disabled Nepal (NFDN) conducted a rapid assessment to assess the impact of Covid-19 Pandemic and lockdown on persons with disabilities.  This assessment has tried to explore the problem issues and barriers of persons with disabilities under the situation of lockdown. It is expected that this report would be helpful to the government and all other relevant stakeholders and humanitarian organizations to take action on addressing the issues of persons with disabilities for fighting against COVID-19 pandemic. This assessment has been carried out after 21 days of lockdown.

Checklist for Accessibility Audit

Barrier free environment is inevitable to all for independence, convenience and safety. It must be accessible to fulfill needs of those people equally including persons with various types of disabilities. Having this matter into the high consideration, this checklist is…

Report on Accessibility Audit on Kathmandu Nepal

Report on Accessibility Audit on Kathmandu Nepal is an overview on the status of implementation of “Accessible Physical Infrastructure and communication Services Directive for persons with disabilities 2013” and other national and international commitments Nepal has made at the ground…

The Web Accessibility Guide: Promoting Web for All

The web accessibility guide – Promoting web for all is a publication that is prepared by NFDN to support web professionals (designers/developers) to create websites that are accessible and usabled for all users including people with disabilities. The techniques and…