Post Election Survey among Voters with Disability

Summary of the Document:

NFDN in partnership with IFES conducted a survey among the voters with disabilities of far western Nepal after the second constitutional assembly. The study was conducted in the districts: Dang, Bake, Bardiya, Kailali, Kanchanpur. Dadheldura.

This study explored the voter expectations about the outcome of the overall conducted voter education, degree of voter interest as well as participation in the electoral process.

The main objective of the survey is to assess the effectiveness of pre-election project support. However, the specific objectives can be listed as follows:
1. To assess the participation of persons with disabilities in CA election
2. To assess the proportion of valid votes cast
3. To assess the information sources for obtaining the information on CA election
4. To analyze the level of satisfaction of the voters with disabilities


Studied and Published by: National Federation of the Disabled, Nepal
Partner:International Foundation of Electoral System (IFES)
Published Date:February, 2014
Language: English
Format: PDF
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