Advocating for Food relief items to persons with disabilities during the lockdown

June 2020

Four students from Dharan municipality, two girls (Binita Satar, Sunita shah) from ward -15 Gyanchakshu Marg and two boys (Sagar shah, Binod limbu) from ward -16, Ganeshman Chowk have been living in rented room to pursue education at Dharan City. During pandemic and lockdown they started to face food shortages and it got difficult to survive in the lockdown situation. They had been in Dharan for education purpose and in this situation their inability to receive money from home made their situation worse. Their situation was informed to a PPTF member, Mr. Indra Limbu by Advocacy Coordinator of NFDN. Mr. Indra Limbu coordinated with Mayor Mr.Tilok Rai, Deputy Mayor Rajeshe Iwaram from ward-15, and Ganga Bhandari from ward-16 and advocated on providing relief materials to the needy persons. Firstly the ward representatives hesitated to provide any kind of assistance with the reason that they are not the local citizens of the municipality. But with regular advocacy, later, the four students with visual impairment having difficulty and requiring food essentials were provided with relief materials by ward representative/authorities.