National Survey on Living Conditions among individuals with disabilities in Nepal

in Partnership with:  FFO & SINTEF

NFDN, being a local coordinating partner, has been implementing the research project entitled “National survey on living condition among individuals with disabilities in Nepal” since first May, 2014 with partnership of Sintef/FFO Norway. This survey is being conducted in the joint ownership and involvement of Government, Disabled Peoples’ Organizations and other relevant stakeholders. Covering 100 clusters within 59 districts throughout the country, 4000 households: 2000 households with disabilities & 2000 households without disabilities, for comparative study, will be visited for data collection. By 31th December 2015, Not only a perfect report on this survey will be placed but also with the support of information about actual status of the persons with disabilities, governmental as well as nongovernmental agencies shall get certain clear cut & governing guidelines/direction on the different issues of people with disabilities which may support those who are in decision making level too.