Include Us

Project Title: Include Us

Brief Introduction of the Project

National Federation of the Disabled Nepal, in partnership with CBM, is implementing a multi-year (2019-2024) advocacy project, “Include Us”, for inclusion of persons with disabilities. The major components of the project are; i/strengthening capacity of DPOs and government stakeholders; ii/generating evidence on disability inequality in light of SDG 2030/UNCRPD, maintaining spirit of LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND. It is built on existing joint advocacy work of NFDN and its more than 300-member organizations.

The project intends to operate at; I) Federal; II) Provincial (Province 1, Gandaki and Karnali) and III) selected 9 municipalities comprising 3 municipalities in each of the target provinces. At federal level, NFDN aims to lobby and advocacy on key policies in collaboration with key government stakeholders on accessibility, access to justice and CRPD harmonisation. At province level, operation will be focused on implementation of activities on access to justice, accessibility and CRPD harmonisation through mobilisation of provincial advocacy teams (led by DPOs across all impairment types, gender and ethnicity). At selected municipality level, the justice/accessibility advocacy teams will follow up the findings of accessibility audits carried within the project pertaining to access to justices and other public places. There will be one federal project taskforce and 3 provincial project taskforces for regular monitoring and support. Additionally, it has provisions for gender balanced approach in implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the project activities.


Overall objective: To strengthen policy and legislative frameworks in Nepal that promote and realise equality, non-discrimination and justice for all persons with disabilities regardless of impairment, age, gender, caste and ethnicity in Nepal.

Specific objective: To support the DPO cross disability movement in Nepal to effectively advocate and lobby for the rights of all people with disabilities and assist the Government to uphold its commitment to implement the CRPD at federal and provincial level, with a particular focus on province 1, Gandaki and Karnali province.

Expected Results:

Result 1: Improved accessibility practices and national standards in line with CRPD.

Result 2: Enhanced access to justice for women, men, girls and boys with disabilities across all impairment types in province 1, Gandaki, and Karnali.

Result 3: A number of legislation and policies primarily relating to justice and accessibility in Province 1, Gandaki, Karnali and at Federal level are harmonised with CRPD.

Result 4: Reliable disaggregated data on disability generated to inform and influence policies, programmes and budgets.

Result 5: Strengthen NFDN’s capacity and systems to enhance its advocacy work and effectively implement the project at federal and province levels

Key activities:

  • Lobby for review and improvement to national standards on accessibility
  • Training to targeted stakeholders on accessibility and conducting accessibility audits
  • Research on barriers persons with disabilities face on accessing the justice system & training/orientations
  • Support to people with disabilities at risk of being excluded in the justice system
  • Support to NHRC to strengthen their complaints mechanism to be more accessible.
  • Training for DPOs members on legal/budget/ policy analysis and provide support to their continuous advocacy initiatives accordingly
  • Capacity mapping of DPO and organizing Core capacity development programme
  • Dispersion of small grant to DPOs for their capacity building and advocacy initiatives.
  • Piloting of Core Worker Model to NFDN
  • Lobbying for improving data collection tools & methods used by government of Nepal.