Re-Vacancy Announcement at NFDN

National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFDN) is the national umbrella organization of persons with disabilities representing more than 330 member organizations throughout the country. NFDN has been working for promoting the rights of persons with disabilities by contributing for disability inclusive development, ensuring representation of persons with disabilities in decision making process, capacity building of Disabled Peoples’ Organizations (DPOs) and other stakeholders, implementation of CRPD and disability specific national legal frameworks and awareness raising on disability rights. As the representative of most marginalized community NFDN is recognized as the pioneer and facilitator for bringing disability related policies and laws in Nepal.

NFDN is seeking a qualified staff on the following positions and interested and qualified candidates are requested to apply under the following TOR.

A.  Position: Admin Officer

Number of Staff needed: 1 (One)

Duty Station: Federal Office, Kathmandu with field visit when needed.

Required Experience and Academic Qualification

  • At least bachelor degree completed (master degree preferred) on management, public administration or any other disciplines.
  • At least two years of experiences working on the key position taking administrative roles and responsibilities in NGOs or business organization.
  • Proven experience of staff operation and monitoring, operation of organizational administrative process, management of organizational data, memory, documents.
  • Proven experience and knowledge of operating procurement system/process, relevant public policies and regulations and capacity to suggest decision making body for effective procurement system and policy.
  • Good experience of administrative communication, documentation, document checking and verifications.
  • Good knowledge on disability issues, disability related laws and policies.

Required Technical Skills

  • Excellent communication skills both in English and Nepali
  • Good skills and knowledge on handling computer program (MS word, Excel, Powerpoint) and good typing skills in English and Nepali.
  • Disability responsive behavior and communication.
  • Good skills in data management and analysis

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervise day-to-day staff operations such as attendance, in-coming and out-going time, leave record, staff mobility record.
  • Keep the record of all administrative documents such as statute, rules, regulations, policies, guidelines, strategies, planning documents, minutes, decisions, staff profiles and so on.
  • Sign the outgoing administrative letter of the organizations.
  • Assist recruitment committee for staff recruitment and provide orientation about the organizational rules and regulations to the new staff members and board when necessary.
  • Reviewing the administrative systems, policies, and procedures and provide feedback to the board for improvement.
  • Ensure the office is stocked with necessary supplies and all equipmentand is working and properly maintained.
  • Ensure all the logistic service such as power supply, internet service, communication system are functioning well.
  • In coordination with program manager and financial management team set overall planning and budgets of organization, monitor the expenditure of program and activities whether it is in line with planning.
  • Check and verify all the document related to the activities and expenses and ensure that all are carried out according to the plan, organizational policies and rules and regulations.
  • Monitor the overall utilization of the budget in the program and activities and reports to General Secretary.
  • Manage the program and admin related manual and software based data of organization (collecting, storing, and disseminating) and ensure that all the data are safe and secured.
  • Building new and expanding existing skills of the staff by engaging them capacity building opportunities.
  • Plan and coordinate administrative procedures and systems and devise ways to various section and ensure that each units of the organization are following the administrative procedures.
  • Operate the procurement process of the organization as per the financial policy of the organizations and monitor inventory of office supplies and the purchasing of new material.
  • Carry out other designated work by general secretary under the administrative responsibility.

A.  Provincial advocacy coordinator:

Number of Staff: four (4)

Duty Stations: one for Province 1 at Biratnagar, one for Province-2 at Janakpur, one for Bagmati province at Hetauda and one for Lumbini Province at Butwal).

Required Qualification :

  • At least Bachelor degree from renowned university in Humanity, Social Science or Management (disability study preferred)
  • Having Nepali Citizenship

Required Experience:

  • At least two years of professional working experience in the sector of disability rights promotion in province level with a proven experience of activism on the rights of marginalized community.
  • Good experience of advocacy work, coordination with local and provincial government authorities.
  • Sound experience of working with various disabled peoples’ organizations or group of people with disabilities at community level.
  • Good experience of working with different impairment groups at province level.

Required Knowledge:

–       Good knowledge about advocacy, rights of persons with disabilities, problems that person with disabilities are facing at local level.

–       Proven knowledge on legal frameworks and advocacy strategies pertaining accessibility and access to justice.

–       Knowledge on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and Sustainable Development Goals.

–       Well informed about the human rights and DPOs’ movement of Nepal and its dynamic

–       General information about National Federation of the Disabled Nepal and its interventions

–       Good knowledge and information about national policies and legal frameworks on disability, disability specific entitlements.

–       Well informed about the province level disability specific laws, policies and services that the province government has been providing to the persons with disabilities.

Required Skills:

  • Sound skills and knowledge of operating basic computer office packages (MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power-point) with good skills of handling internet, email and social media.
  • Good verbal communication skills in English and Nepali.
  • Skill on using data collection and analysis tools is desirable.
  • Good presentation skills in both Nepali and English language.
  • Good skills in coordination, team play and rapport building with diverse stakeholders such as government, DPOs, CBOs at community and province level.
  • Good skills on activity planning and coordination, implementation, reporting and documentation
  • Good skills for reporting by using given tools and format.
  • Basic training facilitating skills on the various issues of disabilities with special focus to advocacy, access to justice and accessibility.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Lead the day to day implementation of the project related activities allocated to the province as the key focal person for the project called “Include Us” in coordination with province program officer, working committee, project related task forces.
  2. Develop detail implementation plan of the activity allocated to province in the close consultation and guidance of national project coordinator.
  3. Carry out the planned activities at province level and selected municipalities.
  4. Prepare periodic reports and collect activity related data, information and cases from province and project implementing municipalities under the supervision of national project coordinator.
  5. Submit different periodic reports to NFDN federal office and province working committee.
  6. Coordinate and support to the province level project related task forces or committee and province working committee to develop advocacy strategy, plan and to implement it.
  7. Coordinate with different government and non-government stakeholders to ensure and increase their engagement and contribution in the project activities.
  8. Conduct, facilitate and support to implement various trainings, orientations and awareness programs at province level.
  9. Carry out any other activities related to the project as designated by NFDN province board, national project coordinator and provincial program officer.


Interested candidates has to do as said following to apply

  1. Fill the short form attached and  To download the form please click here.
  2. Write an application letter in English
  3. Submit the Application Letter, completed Short Form attaching your latest CV in the email address

Last date for submission: February 11, 2021.

Note: Any application submitted without mentioning the name of person , position to apply, province office to apply and crossing the deadline will be disqualified. NFDN does have the rights to accept or reject the application during any stage of the recruitment process.

Qualified and Competent persons with disabilities, women, dalit and persons from other marginalized community will be given special privilege.