FEDERAL Board Members

  1. Key Positions
    • President – Mr. Mitra Lal Sharma
    • Senior Vice President – Mr. Ramesh Lama (Representing Physically Disabled Persons)
    • Vice President (Female) – Ms. Rama Dhakal
    • General Secretary – Mr. Raju Basnet (Representing Parents of Intellectual Disabled Persons)
    • Secretary- Mr. Bhabuk Jung Thapa(Representing Visually Impaired Persons)
    • Treasurer – Mr. Kedar Prasad Adhikari (Representing Deaf Persons)
  2. National Discipline Authority
    This section will be updated soon
  3. Elected Central Board Member
S.N. Name of Person Gender Post Disability
1 Ms. Dev Kumari Parajuli Female Member Physical Disability
2 Mr. Chintamani Paudel Male Member Physical Disability
3 Mr. Sugam Bhattarai Male Member Visually Impaired (Low vision)
4 Ms. Sita Subedi Female Member Visually Impaired (Low vision)
5 Ms. Bishnu Kumari Paudel Female Member Hearing Impaired (Hard of Hearing)
6 Mr. Krishna Gajurel Male Member Hearing Disability (Deaf)
7 Ms. Mina Bhusal Female Member Representative (Parent) of Intellectual Disability
8 Mr. Nirmal Kumar Shrestha Male Member Representative (Parent) of Intellectual Disability
9 Ms. Uma Sunuwar B.K. Female Member Representative (Parent) of Deaf-blindness
10 Mr. Rabin Kumar Mainali Male Member Speech Disability
11 Ms. Durga Regmi Parajuli Female Member Representative (Parent) of Autism
12 Mr. Sanjay Raj Neupane Male Member Psychosocial Disability
13 Mr.  Ram Krishna Bogati Male Member Hemophilia
14 Mr. Santosh Pantha Male Member Hearing Impaired (Hard of Hearing)
15 Mr. Krishna Gautam Male Member Physical Disability
16 Ms. Anjana K.C. Female Member Physical Disability
17 Ms. Pratima Lama Female Member Visually Impaired (Blind)
18 Mr. Ramesh Pokhrel Male Member Visually Impaired (Blind)
19 Ms. Satya Devi Wagle Female Member Hearing Impaired (Deaf)
20 Mr. Pitambar Lamsal Male Member Hearing Impaired (Deaf)
21 Mr. Shiva Shrestha Male Member Intellectual Disability
22 Ms. Krishna Maya Adhikari Female Member Deaf-Blindness
23 Ms. Sonika Dhakal Female Member Physical Disability
24 Ms. Manju Khanal Female Member Physical Disability(People with short height)
25 Ms. Neha Kumari Female Member Physical Disability
26 Mr. Rishi Kumar Shing Male Member Physical Disability
27 Ms. Rupa Rani Rai Female Member Visually Impaired (Blind)
28 Mr. PuranTamang Male Member Physical Disability
29 This post is vacant because there was no any candidacy  Dalit,Female
30 Mr. Ram Ratan Harijan Member Physical Disability
31 Mr. Kesav Raj Devkota Male Member Physical Disability
32 Mr. Surendra Khatri Male Member Physical Disability
33 Mr. Chandra Kanta Paudel, Lamjunge Male Member Physical Disability

Note: According to the constitution of NFDN the president of each province committee is the automatic member of federal board.