Workshop on Disability and Employment organized

NFDN organized a workshop titled “Disability Creates Innovation in Employment” targeting to the employers of Nepal on Sep 04, 2014 at Soaltee Crown Plaza. This half day workshop was organized as an activity of DRPI AWARE project of York University. NFDN is partner of DRPI in Nepal to implement this project. 20 persons representing different sectors including 11 employers participated the workshop. There were also representatives from the government, FNCCI and other INGOs including DPOD, Karuna Foundation and Handicap International.
Employers Workshop PictureThe workshop facilitated by Mr. Shudarson Subedi, president of NFDN was started with short opening session. Giving an opening remarks Mr. Anil Shah, the CEO of Mega Bank said, “disability inclusion has never gained the same attention as other inclusion like gender, caste and region etc.” He further added that the event was organized in time to let employers know that they were leaving a big productive workforce behind by not considering persons with disabilities in labor market. He also committed to be engaged in this cause both personally and on the behalf of his bank in coming days.
Professor Marcia Rioux of York University (head of the DRPI AWARE project) then presented the global context of disability and how the perspective towards disability is now changing from charity to business. She said that the cost of excluding people with disabilities from the workforce is much more in the long run than the cost needed to include and accommodate them.
Following professor Rioux, Professor Cameron Graham of the Business School of York University presented how disability drives innovation in employment. His presentation included various facts and example around the world.
After the presentations, the floor was opened for the participants to have their opinions, comments and feedback. Almost all of the participants said they were impacted in one way or other by the workshop. Mr. Shailendra Raj Giri, CEO of said they have started employment shop where people can come and search for relevant jobs for them. He said it is a paid service but they have made it free for people with disabilities. Similarly, Mr. Maheswar Dawadi, manager at the Tribhuwan International Airport, said they have hired 8 people with disabilities as employee. He recalled that it was a very hard situation to integrate them in the workplace at first. But after few months now, they are slowly integrating in their workplace.

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