NFD-N’s solidarity with Hari Budha Magar for Everest expedition

National Federation of the Disabled – Nepal (NFD-N) organized a press meet on 23rd Jan, 2018 at its office to express solidarity of nepali disability community with Mr. Hari Budha Magar for his intended Everest expedition. Mr. Budha Magar is an active sports person and adventurer who is involved in varieties of sporting activities despite his disability (double amputation). He is a veteran of British Army and lost his both legs during his service. Presently, he uses artificial legs for his mobility. The press meet was organized to put pressure on the government to amend its recent decision that prohibits people with disabilities to climb Mt. Everest.

Photo Caption: Hari Buda Magar presenting his story in the program. Also seen in the picture are
Mr. Shudarson Subedi, President of NFDN, Mr. Ganesh KC, President of Independent Living Center for Persons with Disabiltiies and Ms. Sristi KC, motivational speaker and founder president of Blind Rocks.
Picture by; Shanker Singh Chaisir/Aware Media

Mr. Shudarson Subedi, National President of NFDN expressed his sadness over the new rule of the government and said- “the government should promote people like Hari Buda Magar who is trying to do many adventurous things despite their disability.” He also said that our country can benefit largely if we can develop accessible tourism here and bring tourists who are persons with disabilities or senior citizens. However, to be able to do so, Mr. Subedi pointed, “the first step should be to remove all discriminatory provisions like the recent one.”

Mr. Hari Buda Magar who is campaigning actively for his Everest expedition said that he has successfully climbed mountains of 6000 meters in the past and with the support of everybody including the government, he can summit the highest peak of the world too. He highlighted that, he is doing these kinds of adventurous things to create awareness that people with disabilities also are capable of doing everything if provided with accessible environment.

Photo Caption: Team Members met with Hon Minister of Tourism Mr. Jitendra Narayan Dev to demand that the discriminatory law should be ammended./ Picture Courtesy: Hari Buda Magar

ust a day ago, Mr. Shudarson Subedi, president of NFDN led a team of disability rights activists including Mr. Hari Buda Magar to meet Hon. Tourism Minister Mr. Jitendra Narayan Dev and demanded that Nepal Government should revoke a recent order that bans people with disabilities from summiting mountains thus discriminating cultural rights of a group people based on their disabilities. Honorable Minister said that he too has received many similar feedbacks regarding the issue and his ministry is having serious internal discussion about this. He also hinted that the ban might be dropped soon.

More about Hari Budha Magar can be found in this webiste.

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