Innovation Awards on Accessibility and Employment presented

National Federation of the Disabled, Nepal (NFDN) in partnership with CBM and Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI), Canada honored Khems Cleaning Services Pvt. Ltd, Chandragiri Hills Limited and Hotel Hardik for their significant contribution towards improving access and employment for Persons with Disabilities in Nepal.

The award was given by Honorable Minister of Ministry of Women, Children and senior citizen, Ms. Tham Maya Thapa in the distribution ceremony of Innovation Awards organized in Hotel Annapurna, Kathmandu on 30th September, 2018. Giving the award to three companies, Honorable minister Thapa appreciated the initiation of NFDN and was also committed to add more efforts towards allocating specific programs for persons with disabilities through her ministry in days to come. She further added that the accessible structures will not only be useful for persons with disabilities rather it would ultimately be benefits for all.

Picture Description: Program Banner of Innovation Award.

The president of NFDN Mr. Shudarson Subedi, Country director of CBM Mr. Suraj Sigdel, Project Director of DRPI and Distinguished Professor of York University Ms. Marcia Rioux, Senior director of Nepal Telecommunication Authority Mr. Ananda Raj Khanal and Vice-President of Human Resource Society – Nepal MS. Bindu Bhattrai also put their remarks during the event.
NFDN with the support of DRPI and CBM have been working to promote accessibility (both physical and digital) and employment of persons with disabilities for past few years. In this period, we have worked with number of private companies and seen their dedication in the inclusion of persons with disabilities both in terms of access and employment. Because of those initiative, we have seen some pretty successful achievements and establishments.

Thus, to celebrate this success and motivate other similar inpiduals/institutions to do similar initiatives in coming days, NFDN provided innovation Award 2018 to some companies who have done extra ordinary work in the inclusion of persons with disabilities in their regular business. The selection of award was based on the online nomination process, decisions of the award selection committee and also the accessibility audit of their physical infrastructures and other services.

Picture Description: Group photo of the awardees and guest with Honorable Minister

Khems Cleaning Services from Kalanki- Kathmandu has hired 20 persons with disabilities in their various positions. Another Hotel Hardik located at Bagbajar, Kathmandu, has implemented various accessibility standards in their different physical infrastructures and facilities. They have also hire a persons with disabilities as their employee. Similarly, Chandragiri Hills Limited prepared the Chandragiri tourist destination at Chandragiri hill to be accessible for all including persons with disabilities, children and senior citizens. They have not only built the ramps, alternative pathway, accessible restroom, and viewpoint with the multi storage ramp but they have also provided some special features such as provision of wheelchairs, electric cars and discount scheme for visitors with disabilities.

The initiations of those institutions is commendable in context to Nepal where the accessibility and inclusion are not yet to be realized. NFDN is very proud to honor those companies for their outstanding performance for promoting inclusive efforts. The recipients of the award is definitely an exemplary case and influential model for the society. The celebration of innovation award will certainly bring a ray of hope that similar kinds of initiations will flourish in days to come in promoting meaningful participation of Persons with Disabilities in different layers of society on an equal basis with others.