Joint Meeting with KMC, NFDN and CBM organized

February 9, 2017

National Federation of the Disabled, Nepal (NFDN) convened a joint meeting among the different divisions of Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), NFDN and CBM. The meeting was held on the physical division of KMC.

Initially, Mr. Badri Bdr Khadka, the senior officer of KMC welcomed all the attendees in the meeting by providing short background information about the project and meeting scenario. After a short introduction of meeting attendees, Mr. Shudarson Subedi-National President of NFDN delivered his remarks highlighting the key objectives of the meeting. And, Mr. Bimal Paudel-Program Coordinator of NFDN briefed about the project scope and its major activities along with accomplishments up to this time.

While having a discussion in the meeting, it is found that several divisions under the KMC like Administration Division, Finance Division, Revenue Division, Social Development Division, Communication Technology Division, Urban Management Division, Disaster Management Division, Urban Development and Building Construction Division, Heritage and Tourism Division, Construction Authority Division and Environment Management Division have been promoting accessibility and universal design principles in their respective divisions’ work. As shared in the meeting, following major highlights were found:


Some accessible initiatives

Progress so far

Upcoming plans & strategies to be adopted

Decision at policy level Council of KMC has already decided to make all the infra-structures accessible for all including persons with disabilities. –    Proper implementation in all sectors with adequate budget allocation.

–    Closely work with DPOs like NFDN


Construction of new building of KMC fully accessible for all Building design covers some special features for persons with disabilities such as accessible toilets in alternative floors in both blocks, tactile in the premises of the building, accessible elevators (for those with visual) –    KMC is ready to include other special features in their new building if needed,

–    NFDN will prepare the checklist and provide to KMC for further development (requirements)

–    KMC will consult with NFDN team in the period of construction as well.


Accessible overhead bridges Attempting to construct ramp in one overhead bridge nearby the Chabahil Chowk in Kathmandu valley for which feasibility study is going on.


–    KMC is seeking more suitable solution for the accessible overhead bridge even for the congested areas such as provision of lifts or something else.

–    NFDN will support KMC for the same matter.


Construction of 42 public toilets fully accessible for those ageing, children, pregnant women and persons with disabilities through Public Private Partnership –      One of the sections has been included in the TOR that finds all the toilets to be constructed via PPB model in near future must compulsorily be disabled friendly,

–      The feasibility study is going on

–    NO compromise will be done though such structures are prepared in the collaboration with private sectors.

–    The checklist will shortly be prepared and circulated.

–    NFDN, in the collaboration of KMC, will closely monitor the implementation process.


Accessible public transport Some of the models of accessible public vehicles (specially heavy vehicles with more than 20-25 seats) are being designed by KMC in  collaboration with other concerned ministries for the concept of inter-city public transport network, (Specially after participating in the technical training of NFDN) –    Discussed on the feedback and utilization of ramps currently used in SAJHA bus

–    KMC is seeking the relevant and effective solution for putting manual ramps or improvised ramps

–    KMC, in close consultation with NFDN and CBM, will shortly finalize the better solutions for the same.

Construction of accessible heritages –  KMC has recently allocated some fund for the minor corrections in different heritages so that such places become accessible for all. (Specially after participating in the technical training of NFDN)

–  Other newly constructing infrastructures will be made accessible for all

–    NFDN will technically support KMC

–    NFDN will also consult with Department of Heritage and Tourism


Budget allocation and other programs specially targeted to persons with different forms of disability – KMC will increase disability focused programs and budgets in upcoming days –    KMC will allocate additional fund to ensure accessibility for all including persons with disabilities

–    NFDN will support technically to plan and carry out such programs.

–    NFDN and KMC will conduct the awareness-raising activities so that public will also be aware on these matter.

Most of the concerned stakeholders such as KMC, MOWCSW, MOUD, DDC Kathmandu and others felt necessary to formulate the steering committee. Thus, NFDN proposed to form a Steering Committee as part of this project implementation strategy especially to strengthen the coordination and collaboration towards promoting and ensuring the accessible infrastructures under the ongoing reconstruction work around the Kathmandu Valley and other areas as well. The drafted working guidelines of the Steering Committee was also presented at the meeting and requested all to provide their feedback.

Mr. Shudarson Subedi proposed to formulate Resource Pool and talked about its major purpose as envisioned by the project. The participants are expected to send their feedback on it via email. The resource pool will shortly be formulated comprising of some professionals of different sectors.

In a nutshell, KMC staffs were found sensitized on accessible infrastructure construction/reconstruction for all. They seemed principally ready to incorporate some accessibility features in new construction works. It signifies that they have some changes in their attitude towards persons with disabilities. The participants of technical training on accessibility and universal design principles from KMC were found initiating to use acquired knowledge, skills and learning in practice. Aforementioned evidences proves this fact as there has been a change in their attitude. All the divisions of KMC found keen to consult with NFDN towards promoting and ensuring accessibility standards and universal design principles in their respective works.

Eventually, As part of CBM, Mr. Krishna Bdr. Sunar-Program Officer for Disability Inclusion highly appreciated the initiatives undertaken by KMC and emphasized on make the right real applying in practice. And, he committed to provide further technical assistances wherever both NFDN and KMC requires.

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