Call for Applications: Accessibility Media Fellowship


यो सामाग्रीलाई नेपालीमा पढ्नुहोस्

National Federation of the Disabled, Nepal (NFDN) invites applications from interested journalists to apply for Accessibility Media Fellowship 2017. The fellowship is open to all mainstream media journalists including freelancers from print, electronic, television and radio media (including community radio) online portals and news agencies. The fellowship is for a period of one month  from November– half of December, 2017. Interested journalists will have to travel to rural and urban areas (specially from highly earthquake affected areas: Kathmandu valley and nearby districts) to report on accessibility related success stories and challenges/problems that need to be addressed for making accessible public physical infrastructures and communication services targeting to all people including persons with disabilities. Stories can be covered in English or Nepali language.

Accessibility Media Fellowship aims in creating awareness and strengthening capacity of Nepali journalists to cover the various issues of disability and accessibility. The fellowship offers opportunities for journalists to cover stories on accessibility issues, those are considered mandatory at least for all public infrastructures and other services. It has also been initiated in improving accountability of public institutions, gains made in the accessibility sector, gaps that needs to be addressed and ways to promote the approved minimum accessibility standards and universal design principles at least in each public (re) construction works.

Please find more information about this fellowship and the process to apply in the following document.

Please submit the concept note by sending an email to

 Accesibility Media Fellwoship Guideline (Oct, 2017) – PDF Format

यो सामाग्रीलाई नेपालीमा पढ्नुहोस्

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