7th Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) Celebreated at NFDN

On the occasion of 7th Global Accessibility Awareness Day, 2018, National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFD-N) in partnership with CBM organized an interaction for promoting digital accessibility in Nepal on 17th May, 2018. The purpose of GAAD, as stated in its official website, is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital (web, software, mobile) access and inclusion of people with different disabilities.

The program was moderated by general secretary of NFDN, Mr. Raju Basnet. He mentioned that still a large number of persons with disabilities, particularly those with visual and hearing impairment and those with cognitive disabilities (like learning disabilities, developmental disabilities and autism) can’t access digital technologies like websites because those platforms have not considered the needs of these groups.

Photo Caption: A participant sharing his experience during the program/ Source: Pragya Lamsal, CBM

Vice-president of NFDN Ms. Tika Dahal advocated for barrier free digital access with cooperation with concerned stakeholders. The program also shared the remarks of persons with disabilities and their parents representing various categories of disabilities. They talked as users of these technologies and shared about different things which will make these platforms friendlier for them.

The presented participants from various IT communities actively listed to all the participants and stated that their companies will do everything possible to make their products and services inclusive to persons with disabilities in coming days.

The program also saw the participation of two senior officials from Computer Association of Nepal Federation (CAN – Federation) who shared their commitment to work with NFDN to ensure digital technologies and platforms are accessible for people with disabilities.

Around 40 participants were presents representing disability community and digital technology community. Celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day brings a strong belief for all of us that digital platforms will be more accessible to people with disabilities in coming days.

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