30 International Day of Persons with disabilities – Celebration and Reflection

3rd December 2021 marks 30 International Day of Persons with disability (IDPD). This year IDPD is observed with the theme, “Leadership and participation of persons with disabilities toward an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post-COVID-19 world”. It is encouraging that inclusion as well as rights of persons with disabilities have been incorporated in the international frameworks and local government policy frameworks. To name few, National accessibility policy is being revised, positive changes are observed in the FY 2078/79 local level policy and budget. Importantly, 12th National census has included around 1700 enumerators with disabilities and looks forward to producing explicit disability report on situation of persons with disabilities.

Yet, there is lot to be done. Globally, it is estimated that 15% of the total population is living with some forms of disability. Economic, social, political status of persons with disabilities’ are  among the factors that explain higher prevalence of disability. Women and girls with disabilities remain at the margin of decision-making. For too long, under-represented impairment groups, women and girls with disabilities are invisible. They have less access to support system and social services which has increased their vulnerability. It is on our part to build inclusive society, promote human rights and empower all persons with disability to close the gap.

On this day, the National Federation of Disabled Nepal calls upon its member organizations, Government organizations and all stakeholders to integrate their plans and programs to meaningfully include persons with disabilities as an integral part of social development. At this challenging time amidst Covid-19 pandemic, we urge all to act against the social inequalities that may be exacerbated on persons with disabilities and to work on ensuring no one is left behind. On this day, NFDN express its best wishes to all individuals, communities and organizations around the world working to create inclusive society for persons with disabilities, importantly those from under-represented groups.

National Federation of the Disabled Nepal